GREEN ENERGY (LT) - as a brand that started its business in 2010. This is a well-experienced, experienced team of specialists working in the field of organic production, processing of organic chemistry and biological processes, environmental protection. This is a process from feasibility study to project implementation and operation.

From 2016 we working with PURE GREEN (USA) brand and we have patented together no one equipment and organic technology process. More information www.puregreenagriculture.com please to visit . By combining all these processes, we are trying to collect from the air ecological gas, to reduce the emissions of gas in the air and to use gas in the agricultural sector, to produce organic nitrate nitrogen.

One at a time of ecological fertilizer production we clean the atmosphere from gases, reducing nitrogen throw away from animals farms to atmosphere, and by these gases we produce the new generation of nitrate nitrogen fertilizer.

Our goal to  create ecological NPK fertilizer which will replace the fully NPK mineral fertilizer in farming and these fertilizer will meet the same requirements. These ecological fertilizer will be fast and easy available to the plant. It will be possible to use in all growth directions, how soil irrigation, watering, hydroponic feeding or spraying per leafs.

At this time our projects:

1. We start testing production and certification of ecological Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer by EU rules.  Sources processing and recycling of raw materials

3. To buid factory in Baltic States for chicken manure processingto obtain two kind of fertilizer from manure. Liquid nitrate nitrogen and NPK organic granulated fertilizer. Productive assets to recycle of manure is about 200 000 tons per year.

4. By bacteria help is changing form of element P (phosphorus) to easily available form to the plant. Performing chemical reaction with bacteria help. (Testing)


         We propose you to contribute to project in your own country !