Organic fertilizers - granulated chicken manure

Organic fertilizers from chicken manure

Organic fertilazer

Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizer:Granulated chicken manure
NPK values: 4 - 3 - 2,5

Price: 160 - 170 Eur/mt FOB Rotterdam

Chicken manure

Chicken manure

Manure origin - EU certified farms;
Slow dissolving, free of seed;

Ecological, no chemical additives.

Directly form supplier

Directly from Supplier

Package: bags 25 kg white bags (no label);
Delivery: FOB Rotterdam (Netherlands);

Price: 160 - 170 Eur/mt.

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Fertilazer data sheet

Fertilizer data sheet

Check fertilizer data sheets for chemical structure and phisical characteristics.

Organic fertilizer samples

Organic fertilizer samples

Get organic fertilizer sample for free and check it in your laboratory.

Request for fertilizer

Request for fertilizer

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Organic fertilizer

Vermicompost (biohumus)


vermicompost (biohumus) - worm compost

Organic fertilizer: vermicompost (biohumus - worm treated compost)

Delivery: FCA Vilnius (Lithuania), FCA Rotterdam, Antwerp

Package: bags 50 l on paletes, big-bags (other packages are possibile)

Price: 200 EUR/m3 FCA Vilnius (depends on volume and INCOTERM)

Minimum order: 25 m3 (cubic meters)


Vermicompost is produced in Lithuania (European Union) and might be delivered to any destination as in Europe as well as in worldwide. Wide range of packaging possibilities, but the most common - 50 l pklastic bags and big bags. Annual capacity - up to 1.800 m3.  Your requests are kindly welcome (minimum order 25 m3). We assure the quality of our organic fertilizer by providing:

  • fertilizer analysisl data sheet
  • free samples of organic fertilizer


Pellets of poultry manure


granulated chicken manure (pellets of poultry manure)Organic fertilizer: granulated chicken manure (pellets 5-6 mm)

Delivery: FCA Netherlands, FOB Rotterdam

Package: bags 25 kg on paletes (other packages are possibile)

Price: 145 - 170 Eur/t (depends on volume and INCOTERM)

Minimum order: 20 t


Organic fertilizer producer based in Netherlands manufactures fertilizers according to European Union (EU) requirements. We are ready to supply 500 - 1 200 t/month (10.000 t/year) of organic fertilizer made of poultry (chicken) manure. Your requests are kindly welcome (minimum order 20 t). We assure the quality of our organic fertilizer by providing:

  • fertilizer analysisl data sheet
  • manure treatment process scheme - suitability for ecological farming
  • free samples of organic fertilizer


Why to choose our organic fertilizers


  • Fertilizers are suitable for ecological farming

  • Additives could be mixed under your request

  • Possibility to check quality before placing an order

  • Logistics services can be provided up to "your door"

  • Attractive prices for large volume and regular base orders

  • Bags are not branded - your lables and logos can be put on packages

Main benefits of organic fertilizers

Although the density of nutrients in organic material is comparatively modest, they have many advantages. The majority of nitrogen supplying organic fertilizers contain insoluble nitrogen and act as a slow-release fertilizer. Organic fertilizers decompose and release nutrients slowly into the soil thus reducing the loss of nutrients. Organic fertilizer nutrient content, solubility, and nutrient release rates are typically much lower than mineral fertilizers.Such organic materials naturaly increase physical and biological nutrient storage mechanisms in soils, mitigating risks of over-fertilization.

  • organic fertilizers Increase aged soil's fertility and improve its' structure.
  • soils with high PH can be brought closer to neutral
  • increase crop growth by increasing soil's fertility.
  • rise water and nutrients holding capacity.
  • help growth of soil organisms, and promotes healthier plant root development.
  • fertilizers in pellets can be evenly distributed into the soil and doesn't leach.